A mock exhibition poster designed for my Intro to Graphic Design course during wintersession at RISD, 2019. 
For this project, I had to create a collection of things. I chose to document my personal collection of knickknacks through photography, writing, and color studies. I titled it, "miscellaneous". I then was asked to design a logo, exhibition catalog, and exhibition poster for the collection. View the exhibition poster here.
For the catalog, I wanted to create something that felt substantial but remained intimate. I decided upon a small, thick booklet with each page dedicated to one of the objects in the collection. Each page contains a photo of the object, a paint swatch studying the colors found within the object, and a few of my own handwritten words describing it. It was also bound accordion style, with the intent that it can be laid out and sort of become its own traveling exhibit.
mock-up/draft of the initial design
an informal flip-through
this thing is looooong and difficult to document
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