This project is a collection of mograph studies.
This video was my first dive into learning After Effects, made with guidance from Mark Christiansen's basic guide to After Effects on LinkedIn learning. Sources for the footage and audio can be found in the YouTube video description.
The above GIFs are experiments I made after my Breakfast Cat video, but prior to my first real animation. The left was an attempt at creating smoke, as a sort of study for my next project. The right was created by building off a lesson from my LinkedIn course on After Effects taught by Alan Demafiles.
This is the first fleshed-out animation I did. I knew I wanted to base my first true project off of a real house, so it's based off of this photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash.
I made the above illustration when I was taking a step back from lessons to really process what I've been learning. I was focusing on strengthening my skills at compositing, masking, and layering. You can see more on this project on its separate page, here.
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